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Encrypt data


When you use Public Blockchain, what you put in Blockchain is public. UPROOFS to guarantee data writes in Blockchain:
  • UUID of the Proofs (that helps to recover the public page);
  • HASH of the data packet (that helps to verify data timestamped).
Through Explorer someone can use the Smart Contract address to see all the data exchange through UPROOF. Here a screenshot of the list of Transaction made through UPROOFS:
List of Transactions
Clicking on one transaction User can see the Transaction Details, here a screenshot:
From here a User can use UUID to see proofs of other users. This is not a problem if data is public...
If you use UPROOFS to timestamp private data you can use Encrypt Functionalities.

🔐 How to Encrypt a Proof

You can insert password in your object to encrypt the proof


POST "/proofs"


"assetId": "fe602d7f-b807-4d65-bc29-23b4cea58bb7",
"password": "12345",
"data": {
"timestamp": "those",
"data": "4ever"

Verify an Encrypted Proof

Here the Encrypted Proof if the user cannot provide the password:
If the user provide the password: