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Welcome to uProofs


"uProofs" is a Software as a Service platform API-First for creating, issuing, viewing, and verifying blockchain-based proofs.

Why Blockchain-based proofs

uProofs It’s the easiest, fastest way to create blockchain based proofs, aka Universal Proofs. Universal Proofs can be tamperproof, timestamped and easy to validate. Universal Proofs can be used to prove a statement of impact, sensors data, provenance, certifications and so on.

Why xDai?

We use xDai public Blockchain because: ✅ Fast transaction times (5 seconds) & low transaction fees ✅ Stable chain ideal for real world value exchange where 1 xDai = 1 US Dollar. ✅ A stable token for transactions & gas fees. ✅ A green, energy-efficient and ecologically aware blockchain network. ✅ Permissionless delegated Proof-Of-Stake based consensus with public POSDAO. ✅ Full-featured BlockScout Explorer.

Getting started

It follows the steps to be up and running with Trusty Proofs:
When you have the API KEY you can use the REST API. We suggest you to go deeper with the following tutorial.
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